My Reports (Reports Menu)

Choose your most frequently used reports and save them as My Reports! When you click on the Reports (menu) > My Reports a new page opens and all selected reports are displayed with red hearts.

In addition, once a report is a designated My Report, it will be added to the Reports menu and you can select it from the Reports menu list. 

  • Each User ID selects and saves their own group of reports. 
  • There is no limit to the number of My Reports you can add to the menu list.
  • If you no longer want the report to be listed under My Reports, just click on the red heart to change it back to an outlined heart.

Find a Report

  1. Go to the Reports (menu) > Find Reports.

  2. Type in a Keyword Search term to find a specific report. Additionally, you can click on a category in the left menu to open a list of reports related to that category.
  3. Hover over the report title to see a brief report description.
    • Click on the outlined heartat the end of the report name and the heart turns red. This means it has been selected as a frequently used report and has been added to your My Reports list.
  4. Click on the report to open.

Add a Report to the Reports Menu

  1. Go to the Reports (menu) > Add Report.
  2. Select a report from the All Reports list. Or click a category from the left menu to filter reports under a specific category.
  3. Click on the outlined heartat the end of the report name and the heart turns red. The report has been added to your My Reports list.
  • Once you have selected a report as a frequently used report and added a red heart, it will appear under the Reports menu.
  • Click on My Reports or select one of the saved reports in your personalized list to open and run a report.
  • To remove a report from your My Reports list, click on the red heart. The report will be removed from your My Reports list and removed from the Reports menu.

My Reports are different than report search criteria Favorites which are used to save report settings and criteria as a template for quick and consistent report creation.