Get Started in Jackrabbit

Initial set up and essentials to get you started fa-rocket

Jackrabbit's Setup Program

Jackrabbit is dedicated to setting your database up for success!

Import Your Data into Jackrabbit

We offer a free basic import service to all new clients.

The Basics

Learn some Jackrabbit fundamentals as your first step.

Organization Set Up

Basic settings to help you customize your database.

Customize Drop-down Lists

Customize the drop-down lists and assign them to classes, families, students, and more.

Add Staff / Instructors

Allows you to assign instructors to classes and use our staff portal and time clock feature.

Add Classes / Lessons

All the information you need to add classes/lessons in Jackrabbit.

Add a Family (Account)

Use this internal form to manually add a new family.

For Self-Starters

Are you a self-starter? These resources are here for you 24/7.

Next Steps to Registration, Enrollment & Tuition Billing

Once you are done with Getting Started in Jackrabbit, take the next steps to the Registration, Enrollment & Tuition Billing Topic Hubs.

Consulting Services for Jackrabbit Clients

Kids Gym Consulting offers support services for Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance, Swim, Ninja, and more!