Other Considerations When Using Multiple Locations in the Same Database

When you have more than one Location in your database there are some important things to note:

  • Currently, the Executive Dashboard shows totals of all Locations. A per Location break down is not currently available on the dashboard.
  • All Location drop-downs throughout your database are listed alphabetically by Location Code (not name). There is no option to change this sorting at this time.
  • Email alerts are sent to the email addresses assigned in this section when new families register online or existing families use their Parent Portals to register students, make payments, update contact and student information, etc. When there are multiple Locations in your database, you can choose either to use the Location email address or assign a specific email address. See Email Notification Settings for more information.
  • When a family registers online, their Location value is determined by either the Location of the first selected class or, if there is no class enrollment with the registration, by the first alphabetical Location in your database.