Multiple Locations in the Same Database

When you have more than one Location in your database there are some important things to note:

  • Currently, the Executive Dashboard shows totals of all Locations. A per Location break down is not yet available on the dashboard.
  • All Location drop-downs in your database are listed alphabetically by Location Code (not name). There is no option to change this sorting at this time.
  • Students in a family with the Location of A can schedule into classes of Location B (this enrollment is done from the class page, not the student/family page). Transactions (fees and payments) for this will take on the Location of the family, not the class. Payments reporting will sort this money under the family Location. Note: The Revenue Summary report offers the option to sort revenue based on the class or event location.
  • Jackrabbit supports multi-location eCommerce (the ability to have payments directed to different bank accounts based on the family location). Please see Understand ePayments (eCommerce) for more information on this option.