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  1. How do I edit or add email addresses shown in the "Email Replies Sent To" and "Send Additional Emails To" selections?

    The list of email addresses shown pull directly from User ID and Location emails. Go to Tools > Edit Settings > User IDs or Locations to add another User or Location email or edit an existing one. 
  2. Class Listings Tables - An Overview

    How to set up Class Listings Tables - a list of your available classes, and information about each one, displayed directly on your own webpages.
  3. Website / Online Integration - An Overview

    An overview of the online modules that can integrate with your website
  4. Create Custom Class Listings Tables in 4 Steps

    If  scripting is available in your website editor, you can use the following "JS (Javascript) Method" to work with your Class Listings Tables. If your webhost does not allow scripting tags  (such as <script> ), yo...
  5. Link to Your Web Registration Form

    Before putting a live link on your website, make sure you have tested your form with the steps outlined in our Help article Test Your Web Registration Form. If you will be using the custom CLASS LISTINGS TABLES to showcase your classes, then STO...
  6. Contact an ePayment Partner

    Jackrabbit has partnered with two ePayment providers to offer you a choice for your integrated online ePayments solution.  Currently, Jackrabbit's online ePayment functionality is available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zeal...
  7. Filter (Group) Your Class Listings Tables

    Watch a (2:37) video tutorial on how to Filter (Group) Class Listings Tables Filtering your Class Listings Tables to show only a specific group or sub-group of classes is the backbone of customizing your tables.  The main idea is to ...
  8. Online Web Registration Settings

    Learn how the Class Web Registration Form can be customized
  9. Legal Policies and the Parent Portal

    The Parent Portal is a great tool to have your customers agree to your legal policies on an annual basis or renew their agreement if you change your current policies. You can control the settings that determine when this is needed.  Jackrabbit...
  10. Save and Launch the Remote Access Staff Portal as an App on a Mobile Device

    Watch a (2:18) video tutorial on Launch the Staff Portal as an App on a Mobile Device Your Staff Portal remote entry point can be saved to your iPhone/iPad/Android device just like an app. Once it is saved it can be launched via an icon just ...