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  1. Legal Policies and the Parent Portal

    The Parent Portal is a great tool to have your customers agree or re-agree to your legal policies on an annual basis or anytime you have a change to your current policies. You can control the settings that determine when this is needed.  Jackr...
  2. ePayments - An Overview

    An overview of ePayments in Jackrabbit
  3. Set Up Your Parent Portal

    Choose the settings that affect how your families are able to use their Parent Portals
  4. The Online Web Registration Form - An Overview

    Watch a (1:44) video tutorial on Online Web Registration Form Overview The Web Registration Form is for use by NEW customers to create an account, provide family data, enroll into classes, agree to policies, and provide payment information....
  5. The Staff Portal - An Overview

    Staff can record their time, manage class attendance, student skills/levels and more
  6. Hide Columns in Your Class Listings Tables

    Watch a (2:48) video tutorial on how to Hide or Add Columns in Class Listings Tables Once you have your table  filtered to your desired results, you may want to hide some of the columns. The standard code will provide a table showing...
  7. Navigating in Jackrabbit

    How to navigate in Jackrabbit and an explanation of the four main areas
  8. Sort Rows in Your Class Listings Tables

    Learn how to customize the sort order of your class listings tables.
  9. Import Your Data - An Overview

    Importing is the fastest way to get started with your new Jackrabbit system. We offer a FREE BASIC IMPORT service to all new clients which consists of uploading your current student and family information into your new Jackrabbit database. The suc...
  10. Launch the Staff Portal Remotely

    Learn how to allow staff to access the Staff Portal remotely with a url.