Post Tuition Fees

Post tuition fees and optionally apply discounting and prorating

Discount Tuition Fees

Learn about the various options for discounting your tuition fees, including multi-class, multi-student, and family specific discounts

Prorate Tuition Fees

Adjust your tuition fees to accommodate for things like closed dates or mid month enrollments - let Jackrabbit do the work with prorating

Tuition Settings

Use these settings to control how and when tuition is posted including discounting, prorating, and whether or not tuition is posted during enrollment

Post Tuition During Enrollment

When students are enrolled into classes, it is optional to post enrollment fees, including tuition

Post Tuition using Post Tuition Fees (Transactions Menu)

Use the powerful Post Tuition Fees function to post tuition to multiple families in a batch with optional discounting and prorating

Student and Family Fixed Fees (Tuition)

Family and student fixed fees allow you to override all tuition posting calculations and instead post a set amount per billing period