Process ePayments (Credit Cards & Bank Account Drafts)

If your organization is set up to use Jackrabbit's ePayment functionality, processing multiple customer credit cards and/or bank account drafts (e-checks) is handled using Transactions (menu) > Process ePayments. 

Processing multiple credit cards (up to 2000/batch) or multiple bank accounts at once is referred to as batch processing. For instructions on processing a single credit card see Process a Single Credit Card, or on processing a single bank draft, see Process a Single Bank Account Draft.

To charge multiple family accounts in a batch (after posting fees) go to Transactions (menu) > Process ePayments.

  1. Select Family/Account Search Criteria.
    • Choose a Location. Multi-Location organizations should run Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts for each location.
    • Choose an ePayment Method of Credit Card or Bank Account. If your organization offers both credit card & bank account processing, run Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts twice - once for credit cards and once for bank accounts.
    • If you want to isolate which families you'll be processing, choose an ePayment Schedule.
    • Set Exclude declined transactions within the past 24 hours to Yes or No.

  2. To charge full account balances, proceed to Step 6.

  3. Use the Transaction Search Criteria to charge specific sets of fees instead of the full account balance. Select a specific range of Transaction Dates, a specific Transaction Type, Transaction Sub-Type, Category 1, and/or a specific Session to narrow what unpaid transactions should be charged.

  4. Preview Receipt. Email Receipt Settings can be edited from the Gear (icon) > Settings > ePayments > Email Notification Settings > Manage Settings (button). For details, see Manage Email Notification Settings (ePayment Receipts).

  5. Click Preview Payments.  This is a preview screen only. No fees are charged to a customer's credit card or bank account until  Process Payments is clicked. Review the preview for accuracy. The preview displays with the Process checkbox checked for every family. To skip processing a family, uncheck the checkbox in the Process column. Note that there are also Check All Rows and Uncheck All Rows buttons for your use. If you need to research a transaction further, click the Preview link to preview the transaction.

  6. Click either Process Payments to begin processing cards/bank drafts or Return to cancel.

Once you have clicked Process Payments, transmitting and receiving information may take several minutes.

When the transmission is complete, a report listing each family and the result displays. Declined credit card transactions are noted in red with response codes, reason codes, etc. Any family name unchecked in the preview screen will display with Reason Text: Not Processed - Skipped by User.

This onscreen report can be printed by clicking the Print button. Remember that all bank drafts are approved initially as they do not 'settle' in real-time. Bank draft transactions should be confirmed with your bank statement to ensure approval.

The accepted or declined response is recorded on each family/account transaction listing (Family Transactions tab) and the family/account balance is adjusted accordingly.

Credit Cards and/or Bank Drafts CANNOT be scheduled to occur automatically at a specific time. Consider using Favorites to save your criteria selections to streamline your payment processing!

Expand each section for a detailed explanation of each section of Process Credit Cards/Bank Accts.

Last 10 Batches submitted for processing (within the last 24 hours)

The top section in Transactions > Process ePayments lists the last 10 batches submitted for processing within 24 hours.

Family/Account Search Criteria

The section below is where you tell Jackrabbit which family accounts you want to submit for processing. Jackrabbit will search out families who meet the criteria. In the example below, Jackrabbit would find any family at any location that had ePayment=Credit Card, Membership Type=Monthly, and ePayment Schedule=1st of Month saved to their Billing Info tab. It would not exclude any transaction that had been declined in the last 24 hours. Any families missing one of the criteria would not be selected.

Membership Type and/or ePayment Schedule are great ways to filter which families you want to include. These fields can be customized (under the Gear icon > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists) and can be saved to any family Billing Info tab.

Example: Some cards are charged on the 1st of the month and some cards are charged on the 15th of the month. Setting the 1st of month families to ePayment Schedule=1st of Month will enable you to process only those family credit cards on the 1st of each month. Setting other families to the ePayment Schedule=15th of Month will allow you to process only those family credit cards on the 15th of the month. You drive the schedule.

If you want to process the entire balance for a family, you should stop here and click Preview Payments.

Transaction Search Criteria

You use the Transaction Search Criteria section only if you want to pick specific transactions to be processed. In the example below, Jackrabbit would only attempt to process fees with a Transaction Date of 10/1/2014 that have a Transaction Type=Tuition Fee (Debit) and a SubType=October, and a Session=2014-2015. Any fee that did not meet all the criteria would not be part of the preview.

Preview Receipt

This is simply a confirmation of the settings you have saved for the email receipt and can not be edited from this page. To edit these settings go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > ePayments > Email Notification Settings.