Student Settings - Organization Defaults

There are several Organization Default settings that relate to students. Edit these settings from the Gear (icon) > Settings >  General > Organization Defaults (left menu) > Student Settings. 

Student Settings

Student Age Format 

This setting allows you to choose how you'd like to display student ages in many areas of Jackrabbit. Display Year Only will display the student's age in years only. Display Year and Month will display the student's age in years and months.

Custom Grade Levels

Jackrabbit provides a listing of standard grade level fields, however, it is also possible to create custom grade levels. When Custom Grade Levels is set to Yes, you will be able to define custom grade levels to assign to your students. 

To define your custom grade levels go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-down Lists (left menu). The Grade Levels drop-down is located in the Student section. You will only see the Grade Levels drop-down option if your Student Setting, Custom Grade Levels is set to Yes.

If you choose not to use custom-grade levels and use the standard grade levels provided by Jackrabbit, you will have the option to change the grade level for several students at once. See Change Student Grade Levels for more details.

Hide Citizenship

When set to Yes, the Citizenship field is hidden on the Student's Summary tab.

Hide Gender

This setting allows you to control if you want to show gender options throughout Jackrabbit. The default setting is NO. This means you will not hide the gender selection settings. Go to the Gear (icon) > Settings > General > Drop-Down Lists (left menu) > Student > Gender to create the drop-down lists for gender.

Set to YES if you want to hide all references to gender.