Waitlist Enrollment

You can enroll students from the waitlist if an opening becomes available in a class.

Add a Student to a Waitlist

View steps to add a student to a waitlist, and if an opening becomes available students can be enrolled from the list.

Enroll a Student from a Waitlist

Go to the Class record Waitlist tab to enroll a waitlisted student into a class.

Delete a Student from a Waitlist

It's simple to remove a student from a waitlist, use the trash can icon shown in the Class record.

Allow Online Registration to a Waitlist

Steps are provided here on how to allow a student to be placed on a waitlist when a class is full.

Email Waitlisted Students

Notify a student by email directly from the Waitlist tab on a Class record.

Search Wait Lists Report

To determine how many students are waitlisted for classes, go to the Classes with Waitlists data visual on All Classes or use the Wait List report.